In Life You Have Two Choices, Fat or Fart: What I Learned from “Sugar: The Bitter Truth”

A co-worker of mine recently read and was telling us about “Why We Get Fat and What We Can Do About It.” It seemed interesting and while looking it up I found this video that covers much of the same material. I know this sort of thing isn’t what I usually post…but I think health is obviously very important and a big adjustment when you graduate. You have to make way more decisions concerning food on your own (no more meal plan!) than you did in college. Plus, finding a job and working your first job is stressful, which can lead to bad eating, lack of exercise…you know the drill.

A lot of this video includes things you’ve heard before; soda is bad for you, exercise is important, how over eating happens…but the difference is he tells us why, and the answers aren’t ones you’ve likely heard before. He also explains how your body deals with glucose versus fructose in biological terms. I haven’t digested this much science since tenth grade biology…but it was surprisingly engaging.

nyc gov anti soda campaign

I highly recommend watching “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” it it’s entirety (and really watching, not watching and surfing the web and checking email). I put some of my big takeaways below for those lacking attention spans.

Glucose is good (in small doses). Fructose is poison.

  • Fructose is the main interferer with obesity intervention.

The Coca Cola Conspiracy

  • Soda makes you thirsty because of the sodium and the fact that it’s a diuretic…which they cover up with sugar…so you want to drink more.

Myth of Low Fat Diets

  • A low fat diet isn’t really a low fat, because the sugar that makes up for the “low fat” doubles as fat.
  • Fructose is ethanol without the buzz and metabolized like a fat.

Fiber is Good

  • Triggers your feeling of fullness quicker
  • Reduces intestinal carbohydrate absorption (ie gas — hence the title of this post and my favorite quote from the video)
  • Suppress insulin

What We Can Do About It

  • Stop drinking any liquids besides water and milk.
  • Eat carbs that have fiber.
  • Wait 20 minutes between portions.
  • Exchange screen time with physical activity. (This is probably the hardest, as those with 9-5 jobs at computers can’t really possibly do this…it’s more so advice for children).

TheĀ  thing that stopped people from progressing the most while attempting to follow this plan? Continuing to drink sugary drinks.

WOW FACT: The FDA only regulates acute toxins, not chronic toxins, which is why the regulation of fructose is slipping through the cracks. (Acute meaning immediate results and chronic over time).

For a more in your face look at the facts…check out these bits from NYC Gov’s recent ad campaign. I love it. What do you think? And what about soda tax? Share your thoughts in the comments.

NY Gov press release on the ad campaign here.
New York Times article about the ad campaign here.

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