How Volunteering Can Get You on Mashable

Similar themes are starting to emerge from the books I’ve been reading (currently, Linchpin by Seth Godin) and events I’ve been attending. One of those themes is give gifts. When you give gifts and don’t expect anything direct in return, good things will happen.

I also like connecting how one event in my life has lead to another. I thought I’d draw out one of these maps.

How I got on (an indirect life map)

Time Out New York Internship Application (made the above video to separate myself from everyone else)

↓ (1 month later)

Time Out New York Intern (rocked it)

↓ (1 month later)

Recommendation from TONY co-worker Lindsay Kaplan

↓ (4 months later)

Internship at Gawker.TV (amazing)

↓ (1 month later)

Attended The Webutante Ball

↓ (at the event)

Introduced myself to Adam Gillman of TechiesGiveBack and offered to volunteer time doing social media outreach

↓ (2 weeks later)

Started volunteering my time after meeting with founders Simon Kirk and Adam Gillman

↓ (6 months later)

TechiesGiveBack hosted an amazing charity event, Backspin 2011, that got a write up on Mashable. Within the post is a recap video (shot by the talented Bryan Ridgell) and bam!

I am on Mashable.

Have you ever given a gift that’s lead to something awesome? Please share!

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    very cool

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    Thanks Jaimie!

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