A New 52 Project: Exploring the Awesomeness that is NYC

Hope everyone had a brilliant holiday break! Since I’ve been reading a lot of photography blogs and articles for my work on Pixiq, I’ve been inspired by Photography 365 Projects and 52 Projects. The idea is to take a photo a day or week. Sometimes people choose a theme like self portraits, other leave the subject matter open. It’s an interesting way motivate yourself to do more.

I feel like even though I do a lot of cool things in the city I want to really push the limits and be sure I do something at least once a week, and blog about it, even if it’s just a photo.

So that’s it! And the photos below are examples of what type of adventure will count.

What are the coolest/weirdest/most fun places to go and things to see in the city? Suggestions are very appreciated! Tell me in the comments…or invite me to them, or both! What’s your favorite cool things you’ve done in NYC? Share, share!

All sorts of Internet Week Events

Newmindspace Bubble After Party

Start of my treck from the water and 42nd St. down to the World Trade Center and back to Penn Station.

Newmindspace Pillow Fight 2009

Hanging out with Australians on a hostel roof

Daniel Tosh (my love!) at Gotham Comedy Club

The first time I went to one of my favorite restaurants

The Daily Show

Roof at the MET

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    Over the summer you can go Kayaking for free at Pier 40. It was a lot of fun and they give you everything you need! Only downside is you have to stay in a designated area but it’s large enough to fool around in for a half hour. You can kayak alone or in a pair. http://www.downtownboathouse.org/

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