Social Media Tips You Need to Know from @Sreenet #columbiajsm

First off, I’ve been searching all over for a service that will track a hashtag and put the related tweets into a nice, presentable format. Luckily, because of Sree’s class, my search has ended!

What the Hashtag?!

Once you sign up, you are able to track hashtags by assigning them their own web page. It will list all the tweets that used that hashtag in chronological order, show a table of how many tweets occurred each day, and much more! This is great for companies needing to track twitter parties, (which is what I need it for specifically) events, and conversations.

Here is a chunk of the rest of the tips and treats collected from  “Smarter Social.

5 LinkedIn tipz:

Use it when you don’t need it, not just when you do.

  1. You can customize your username/url
  2. You can turn off “update alerts” if you don’t want things like the fact that you finally updated your page showing up in people’s feeds
  3. Answering LinkedIn questions is a great way to get involved in the community and establish yourself as an expert
  4. for more help!

Sree wants us to keep an eye on Dan Charnas. He is the author of a book launching in November. He has told Sree he plans on doing a lot of social media work to promote the book’s release. How perfect! (I work in publishing for all those that don’t know) I’ll be watching this campaign closely!

3 Things to do with WeFollow:

  1. Search topics for top influential tweets (who know what the algorithm is from)
  2. Sign up and list yourself in 5 categories.
  3. Find other leading “influencers”  on certain topics and make use of them (tweet, DM, lists).

5 Ways to Get Attention Through Twitter:

  2. Follows
  3. Mentions; ask smart questions and make smart comments
  4. List people
  5. #FollowFriday / #FF

Sad to know this class is more than halfway over, but excited about continuing on and all I will learn in the last class!

Any preguntas?

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