Digestible Social Media Tips from class with @Sreenet #columbiajsm

Last night was the Day 2 of Sree Sreenivasan‘s four week class:

Smarter Social Media for Journalists, Bloggers and Media Professionals

Our homework was to tweet twice a day using the hashtag #columbiajsm. I had interacted with a few people through twitter and it was fun to meet them for realz during class!

We started class by watching the video below. Now, this video is awesome to me for a couple of reasons. First, it makes my job seem totally badass. Second, as a graphic designer with experience in aftereffects and all, I totally appreciate this type of animation (I made a similar style but totally not as cool video here). Also, essentially, it’s a book trailer, which I’m starting to get more familiar with from working in publishing. But what do you guys think? Over intensifying social media at all?

Our focus for this class was: Connecting with readers and viewers in new ways

Some interesting Facebook notes:

  • You can set up and specify who your top friends are on your profile page
  • You can customize your status when it posts to only go to specific “lists” you’ve created, or to not go to certain people/groups (ie crazy cousins, scary exes, etc)
  • You can “tag” other friends and pages you’ve “liked” in your posts (I am a huge fan of the tagging option and am trying to incorporate that into posts on the fanpage I run for Pixiq.)
  • If you have 2 facebook profiles (a professional one and a private one for instance) if facebook finds you they could shut you down! They want to avoid multiple profiles to maintain authenticity.

Location based social media and geotagging. (this is for @kmsieminski!)

I went to an event in July, Who’s your mayor? (exploring nonprofits + Foursquare). There’s a great re-cap of the event here.

“You can use Foursquare to change people’s behavior and inspire positive change. One of Foursquare’s first badges was the “gym rat“–awarded to users who check into a gym at least 10 times in 30 days. In fact, Foursquare was started as a response to the question, “How can we get better at living in our cities?””

6 Reasons Why Hootsuite makes my Heart Sing:

Hootsuite is a social platform management service. You can add and monitor multiple accounts on different platforms. At the moment i have 7 twitter accounts, 2 facebook fanpages and my profile running on Hoosuite. This is why I love it, and will always recommend it over Tweetdeck.

  1. It lives in a cloud. Its a website, not a desktop client. So i can log on anywhere on any computer.
  2. I can schedule tweets for 2017. Yup, you can schedule tweets to go out the next day, month or year! You can also go back to them and edit them again after they are scheduled. This also makes the boss happy when you can let them know you don’t have to be tweeting during work (but you probably still will!).
  3. Save tweets as drafts. Sometimes this is a better alternative to scheduling them. I’ve definitely thought “oh this tweet isn’t ready I’ll just schedule it for tomorrow.” Then I see my link-less tweet went out because i forgot to edit it. Should have drafted!
  4. It helps you retweet. You can set your preferences to retweet ye olde style “RT @handle” or the auto way where you can’t customize.
  5. Shorten your links directly in the dashboard. I still use bit.ly, but its nice to know if I’m ever feeling super lazy I can do it right in there.
  6. Create “streams” with searches and lists of users. If I want to make sure I see every tweet that includes the keywords “cheese” and “peanut butter,” I can do that. And so can you! I can also keep track of my favorite twitter users by creating lists in hootsuite, or on twitter and then on hootsuite.
Awesomely enough, this already existed!
Awesomely enough, this already existed! // Bello/Getty Images via Beijing2008.cn

Next bit of homework? Live tweeting! I’m sort of a fan, although it can be somewhat distracting. Luckily, I am going to two awesome events next week:

Community Managers Meetup: Building Your Audience

With Ryan Osborn, Director of Social Media at NBC News and Brian Schechter and Michelle Dozois of HowAboutWe


Mix and Mingle with Celebrities of Social Media

Jill Fletcher, Social Media Manager, VIRGIN AMERICA
Jason Harris, President/Executive Producer,
Jonah Peretti, Co-Founder,
Gary Vaynerchuk, Founder,
Presented by Fast Company.

I’m looking forward to next week for these great events and another great class with Sree! PS I will fight you in comments if you want to argue Tweetdeck is better than Hootsuite *spits*

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    Thanks for taking better notes than me!

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