Buzzfeed, Size Matters, & Farmville: #w2e Climax

For your viewing pleasure, Tim O’Reilly’s Web 2.0 Expo NYC Day 3 Recap! Lots of good social media tips and tricks inside!

All rights reserved by OReilly Conferences

All rights reserved by O'Reilly Conferences

How to Do Social/Viral Advertising

Jonah Peretti (Buzzfeed)

Jonah Peretti explained everything I always try to tell people about what is needed for a video to “go viral” (hate that term!) in a simple concise manner. It was a fantastic presentation.

Key Takeaways about how to make something viral:

  • Create content for the Bored at Work Network that is easy to understand in a short amount of time and sharable
  • Keep business in the front but try lots of ideas in the back and bring them to the front when they work (mullet theory)
  • Spend some money to help along your creative ideas, don’t just do one or the other
  • Content that expresses personality disorders does well (narcisitrts, OCD, etc)
  • Evangelicalism is half the struggle, it’s not all about the quality, it’s about putting in the effort to spread the content on the right channels


Size Does Matter

Clay Jones (Undercurrent), Alex Chung (Undercurrent)

Ding Ding Ding! *Announcer voice* This presentation was the winner of “Best Powerpoint at the Web 2.0 Expo 2010,” Tell them what they’ve won! Well Bob, both presenters have won, Emily’s unwavering respect and admirationnnnn!
View more presentations from Clay Jones.
  • Take into account small audiences, know then, and make them feel special
  • Banner ads are about as ineffective as birth control is effective
  • Don’t be afraid of having a small audience, stop thinking big and target and shrink the idea for them
  • Stop over analyzing, and start trying things
  • Scale isn’t everything!

Mastering Game Mechanics for Community Building

Gabe Zichermann (Game-Based Marketing & FunwareBlog)

This speaker was extremely engaging and fun, which wasn’t surprising as his motto was “Fun is Future!”


  • Fun and work do not have to be separate!
  • When creating currency for loyalty, make it abstract so that metrics are confused (like in Farmville)
  • Giving out status is cheaper and more effective then giving out points (and prizes)

4 Types of Participants:

  1. Achiever (10%)
  2. Explorer (10%)
  3. Killer (10%)
  4. Socializer (80%)
  • Make levels of participation for all of them!
  • If you (the business) control the game, you win! House always wins

There you have it! I’m extremely happy with the sessions I chose, they were all extremely helpful and I can’t wait to apply what I learned to work! Look out for Pixiq, Ecosystem, and other Sterling awesomeness owning the interwebs :) Check back soon for an overall Web 2.0 Takeaways post!

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