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Before I graduated I thought, “when I get out of here, I am not doing another internship, I’ve put in my time, I’ve done enough free work.” I hoped I’d be able to land a job almost immediately. But when I got the opportunity to meet with Richard Blakeley, Editor in Chief of Gawker.TV, about an internship through a co-worker at Time Out New York, Lindsay Kaplan, I started to consider yet another unpaid gig. Why? Because I didn’t have a job lined up and I was nervous about having any period of time on my resume without work.

Eventually, I decided taking the internship was the right choice. After doing research I knew the company carried a lot of clout and is a household name in the media world, a world I was trying to break into. I decided if I was to take the position I’d squeeze it for everything it was worth, and I did.

On Gawker's awesome rooftop

On Gawker's awesome rooftop

The best part of Gawker’s internship program? The networking. The supervisors go well out of their way to give the interns a chance to connect with other professionals in the field, from inviting past and present interns to NY Media Bowling to throwing parties on the roof with other companies.

My favorite project was being a lead in creating Gawker.TV’s new daily feature, TV Trivia. I helped design, implement, and manage this feature, which was a great experience; seeing a project through from start to finish.

Yesterday was my last day as a Gawker.TV intern. What did I get out of it? New social media knowledge and tons of writing and video editing experience. More importantly, connections that turned into connections that turned into connections…new business partners, mentors, and friends.

Moral of the story? Seize every opportunity.

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    Great post for all future Gawker Interns. Thanks for sharing and really enjoyed your insights as to the decision making process post graduation.

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